Tackling climate change

Now that the challenge of tackling global climate change has been universally accepted by all countries and people (with the notable exception of Mr Trump and his cronies in the White House and Federal US government) through the Paris Agreement, it is important for all countries, companies, NGOs, universities and other relevant stakeholders to share…

Biogas in Lamahi, South Western Nepal, 10th June 2009, South Western Nepal, 11th June 2009


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Using smarter stoves to combat household air pollution

(Originally published here) When it comes to cooking indoors over open fires, the harmful health effects can be equal to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. This indoor air pollution plagues nearly nine out of every 10 Bangladeshi households, which use wood and other biofuels to cook inside. Over time, exposure to smoke from…

Solar energy-edit

Energy and climate change

(This article was originally published here) Energy is the most talked about issue these days in the context of the growing world population, climate change, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Increasing the renewable energy mix is the way forward for all nations. While there are fast and slow movers in the race…