Adnan Qader

Research Assistant

Adnan Qader_PhotoAdnan Qader works as a Research Assistant at ICCCAD and is currently working as Project Assistant for the Youth Programme. His work under the Youth programme involves searching and contacting potential partner organizations for collaboration, help organize seminars and workshops, writing reports and helping out with research work when necessary. He has previously worked as a programme officer for the ICCCAD’s “CBA10 Youth conference”, as a campaigner for youth’s role in Climate Change and is currently one of the driving forces behind the programmes core activities.

Adnan has worked as an intern at USAID Bangladesh under the Bengal Tiger Conservation Activity, Bagh project. Adnan has worked as a research assistant with a Visiting Researcher last year on climate change and migration which observed people’s participation in the decision making hierarchy in Bhola slum. He was also involved in the ‘Developing the RMP for the MoEF under FAO with several other researchers at ICCCAD.

Adnan has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and minored in Population Environment studies from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). His senior project was on air pollution which focused on the Ozone pollutants and its effect on population in Bashundhara R/A. He is also continuing as a provider of air pollution data to Cardiff University under ICCCAD. During his university years Adnan was an active member of IUB’s debate and environment club where he worked as a mentor in these fields. Adnan has strong interest in youth advocacy in the field of climate change, urban issues, gender, education and conservation and is a strong believer of Youth’s role in finding solutions for the greater environmental problems.